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The End Time Revelation Context of Sheep and Goats

The bible talks about the end times and reveals the events that will be taking place at that time when Christ comes for the faithful. During this time many things will happen that is end time events, which have been captured in the bible. Some of the things that have been captured in the bible for example are the sheep and goats, the second coming of Christ and many other things. These happenings will take place when the signs that have been prophesied will have taken place.

Some of these signs include the coming of the Antichrist who are seen to oppose everything about the Christ. They have been seen in the church pretending to be of Christ but they secretly oppose the doctrines thereof. The examples of people who turn away from the form of Godliness has been seen to increase where the art of Christians is now lowly regarded. These happenings have resulted to a breed of people who will rise strongly to oppose the pretenders in church so that they can grow stronger.

When the strong Christians rise to fight those who pretend in church. There will be a hunger for the word of God and seeking Him which will result to a revival. This revival will lead to many knowing and loving the things of God. There will be signs and wonders that will accompany this kind of church as stated in the bible. After the church has been taken by the Christ, the bible states that on the judgement day Christ will pick the sheep and goats to have them judged before His Father. The sheep are considered to be the righteous of God who have lived according to God’s will shall be called as the faithful who provided food for the hungry. They visited those in prison and prayed for the sick while visiting them. Read here for more information about the end time news today.

They will be told by Jesus Christ to go to His right hand so that they will be comforted and rewarded for their faithfulness. There is also a set of unbelievers who are considered to be unbelievers. This type of people may have been in the church but they don’t live according to the will of God. The Christ refers to these people as the goats who will not share in His glory because they never did what was considered right in the eyes of God. These people will be told to go to the left hand and live in the burning fire forever.Check out this related post to get more enlightened on the topic.

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